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laboratorios creativos

Kodama Cartonnière

Since 2017, Ale has been a workshop facilitator and editor of Kodama.

From her perspective, being able to produce independent books is a safe space to listen and create. It's a relational event to disseminate the work and thoughts of the authors. Moreover, it is a shared moment in the expansion of the book beyond its materiality.


La Cataleja

La Cataleja scans horizons looking for readings to share with you. Two seasons reading on Sunday afternoons with Catalina Villegas. In the midst of the pandemic, the confinement, and almost at the end of the world, in the city of Montreal. You can listen to these readings on Youtube, Spotify and Spreaker.


Choir "A la Escucha"

Ale was part of this choir during 2019-2021. A community for Colombians, and friends of Colombia in Montreal and its surroundings. The choir seeks to give a place to our voices in the soundscape of Colombia living abroad. It is a space of encounter, expression, and creation for the voices of Colombians in exile and their memories to make their presence felt. A la Escucha is a creative process of many commitments with the Truth Commission (Quebec node) and the Acts of Listening Lab (Concordia University). It is directed by Pilar Jimenez.


Interactions: conversation series

Interactions is a community engagement project designed for Teesri Duniya Theatre. It was conceived as a scenario to promote freedom and autonomy and create an environment to discuss critical intersectional concerns. During Fall 2023, three in-person events were held with the participation of artists, thinkers, educators, activists, journalists, community leaders, and community members. This conversation series engaged in thought-provoking topics such as: 

  • Feminist Pathways: September 22

  • Elders as Leaders: October 20

  • Inside Look 2SLGBTIQ+ Bipoc Activism: November 24

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